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Here are some of the people we are working with:

Special Patterns

Special PatternsĀ (Vic) Pty Ltd

Braeside, Victoria

Special Patterns have utilised the high quality skills of JPM Shipwrights for several years on many projects and JP and the crew have always exceeded the quality and finish requested by us

Here are some things that customers have said:

I purchased the 2000 model Princess in 2009 and for the next 2 yrs spent my time cleaning off the diesel soot from the rear of the boat after every use.
A casual discussion with a fellow power-boater, lead me to J.P. who subsequently installed underway exhausts to the Princess At last ; gone is the necessity to clean diesel soot every time we used the boat. Thanks to J.P’s design and professional install, we have bid farewell to a most annoying occurrence of diesel soot.

I found J.P and his crew very professional, accommodating, providing 1st class workmanship at a fair price. The gel coat blend-in is still undetectable 2yrs later!

Excellent job; no hassles and best of all, no soot. I would highly recommend JPM Shipwrights to any potential customer- Malcolm Stenniken, Owner, Princess P56
I just wanted to say that Jeremy and I couldn’t have been happier with the work that you did. The twin backstay arrangement is faultless. No need for coarse tune upwind as you said and it was so good to have a backstay that doesn’t bottom out, though with the light conditions it was only on the way home when we had 18-20 knots from about 110 degrees for a little while that I really got to crank it on. We didn’t do that well in the standings but as the only double handed entrant in very slow and testing conditions it became about the challenge of finishing and we were very happy with that achievement.

Also, when we did our Cat 2 audit, the auditor David James said he thought the bilge pump you installed was the best that he had ever seen.- Aidan Geysen, Owner, Street Car